Most industries produce some wastewater, although recent trends suggest that this wastage should be minimized by recycling wastewater within the production process. Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is a process of recycling wastewater and returning it to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues.

An Effluent Treatment Plant comprising of Activated Sludge process is designed and commissioned by CA to treat 90 cubic meters per day of effluent with inlet COD 9000 mg/L

Mashud Fish Processing & Ice Complex Ltd. as responsible corporates is one of the first fish processing companies in Bangladesh to be successful in setting up an ETP. The ETP in Ichannagar, Kanrnafully by Mashud Fish Processing & Ice Complex Ltd. is one of the biggest green footprints that have been set up recently, and it is going to be a huge helping hand in saving a natural resource such as water.

Mashud Fish Processing & Ice Complex Ltd. going greener, nature will now be cleaner.